Power tools

The most important travel in life is the inward journey. It is free and available for all.

During my spiritual quest I traveled from east to west and met many teachers and methods.

I learned to open my heart, to let go of negative emotions, to heal with hands, to sing songs and sit in circles, to hug people I would not even give a hand otherwise, to hypnotize and to travel in other realities, to tell the future by reading hands, charts and cards. I learned to visualize my dreams and to heal my past. I learned to appreciate the silence and meditate. I learned to listen to the wind and synchronize with the rhythm of the earth.

One day I was invited by Jonathan Horwitz to make a power tool. My first power tool, a shamanic rattle, provided me a ticket to travel to the moon and soar among the stars.

Despite Art School, it was there that the artist in me woke up. I was used to western ‘power tools’ like, clothing, cars, jewelry, houses, money, even jobs and relationships that were considered great ‘power tools’ for a lot of people to boost their ego. I had never worked with spiritual power tools before and never stopped since that day. Art with heart for the earth.

There is nothing planned in any of my work, objects or installations. They surprise me with their will to become manifest. Trees, feathers, stones, textiles, pigments, sand and earth find me. My dearest pieces are the once where I am least present. In the just B’ingness of things I find soul. Beyond form and matter I celebrate the All in no-thingness.

Art is the language of the soul.



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Frozen Freedom


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2.40 cm height House of Spirits 2011

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1.20 cm height Totem on canvas 2011

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1.15 cm height 2010

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1.45 height Sweden 2010

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it’s all part of the game

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of possibilities in a pure yes

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Talking sticks

the story of silence

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more = more

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It’s all in the eye of the beholder

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there is only one road to stardom…..yours

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Fading feathers

a color card of freedom

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squares and stripes on stone pebbles

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the power of love…

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