Power tools

The most important travel in life is the inward journey. It is free and available for all.

During my spiritual quest I traveled from east to west and met many teachers and methods.

I learned to open my heart, to let go of negative emotions, to heal with hands, to sing songs and sit in circles, to hug people I would not even give a hand otherwise, to hypnotize and to travel in other realities, to tell the future by reading hands, charts and cards. I learned to visualize my dreams and to heal my past. I learned to appreciate the silence and meditate. I learned to listen to the wind and synchronize with the rhythm of the earth.

One day I was invited by Jonathan Horwitz to make a power tool. My first power tool, a shamanic rattle, provided me a ticket to travel to the moon and soar among the stars.

Despite Art School, it was there that the artist in me woke up. I was used to western ‘power tools’ like, clothing, cars, jewelry, houses, money, even jobs and relationships that were considered great ‘power tools’ for a lot of people to boost their ego. I had never worked with spiritual power tools before and never stopped since that day. Art with heart for the earth.

There is nothing planned in any of my work, objects or installations. They surprise me with their will to become manifest. Trees, feathers, stones, textiles, pigments, sand and earth find me. My dearest pieces are the once where I am least present. In the just B’ingness of things I find soul. Beyond form and matter I celebrate the All in no-thingness.

Art is the language of the soul.

o | + Sand | Soil | Stones

o | +  Sand | Soil | Stones   With each new book I make I also make new art works. Sometimes the work makes itself and it is a ready made. Sometimes it is done afterwards. Sometimes it is done before the book is even there.   All these samples of soil, sand and […]

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+ | o

+ | o 2 sand works | mixed media Sizes 80 x 100 cm 2019   My travels and latest book, coming out in March 2019, inspired me to create these works on canvas.  

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o | +

o | + 7 soil + sand works | mixed media and some clay + iron sculptures Sizes 50 x 65 cm 2019   My travels and latest book, coming out in March 2019, inspired me to create these works on canvas.      

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  Y O U R  T U R N | 2018 | 7 Circle works mixed media Sizes 122 x 122, 50 x 50, 43 x 43 cm   An intimate performance | sharing | exhibition at the Iron Lady Amsterdam together with ceramist Annemieke Boots.   In my work I have often worked with […]

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Embracing Ageing

Embracing Ageing | 2016 | 7 Rust works on recycled cotton canvas Sizes 30 x 40, 61 x 76, 90 X 136, 110 X 135, 82 X 135, 145 x132 and 400 x 135 cm Time is the infinite artist Inspired by the Japanese Mono-ha and Wabi Sabi, and as a counter reaction to a […]

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Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue | 2015 | 11 Indigo Pigment on linen canvas 80 x 120 cm Color is, beyond mind and matter, pure vibration, speaking directly to the soul. Indigo blue is my all time favorite color. It is crosses borders, like the sky and the ocean. It is ageless, timeless and universal. It […]

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Vitamin(e) B.

(He)Art Installation for the Meditation Exhibition Museum of Religious Art | MRK Uden Inspired by the Bridgettines nuns in Uden and their founder Saint Birgitta (1303 – 1373) hundreds of hearts were crafted (through knitting, crocheting and embroidery) by old and young . The hearts were filled with recycled religious textiles. A special limited edition Vitamin(e) B. booklet is available at the MRK […]

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Metal. Wood. …as time goes by… 1.00 x 1.00 m 2015

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Hope Trees

Concrete. Cotton. Wood. Wishes waving in the wind…Peace of mind… 2014

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Into the PRESENT

The making of the PRESENT installation. The installation is on view and hosted at Riad El Fenn during the Marrakech Biennale 2014. Artist meets Artisan + Tradition meets Design + Past meets Future Unveiling the conscious cosmos, humanity is on the edge of a rebirth. A tribute to all women and the rights of women […]

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White Washed Rag Rug 140 x 120 cm From personal to universal.. from rags & rug to sculpture..from disposed to exposed 2013 Thanks to the women artisans of Morocco for the initial Boucherouite

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Travel Light

100% chiffon silk 200 x 135 cm ‘Now – stones’ ‘Feather – love is the true nature of being’ Limited Edition Contact me if you would like to know more

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Sakura Swing

100% chiffon silk 200 x 135 cm ‘Cherish – what is for what it is’ ‘Enoy – the present is yours’ Limited Edition   Contact me if you would like to know more Go here to see more Sakura pictures from my trip to Japan

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Bronze Egg 0.21 cm height Birth; a co-creation in the here and now 2012 Thanks to Winneth and Yakov Sala

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Wood, stone, leather Polen, Oman, South Africa 0.51 cm height 2012  

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