Pink Prayers


While there are plenty of monasteries in Myanmar, there are only a few nunneries.

I was able to visit one of the nunneries; the Daw Nyanasari nunnery in Sanchaung township in Yangon, where 250 women from 8-86 are living.

Eaindawaddy (42) takes me by the hand and shows me around. Our communication is with gestures, smiles, and a lot of sorry’s from Eaindawaddy about her broken english. She is in the nunnery since 10 years, and was a salesgirl before she joined the nunnery.

The nuns live on a regular rhythm, which repeats itself every day; meditating, cleaning, eating, studying, fasting, collecting donations, chanting and counting beats.

When I leave their pink world after a few hours it is with a small paper noting the daily routine in the nunnery and a ‘May happiness be always with you’ from Eaindawaddy.


January 2016, Myanmar