Good Fortune


After years of working and living in Hong Kong I have only visited the city after 1997, the year it was handed over and returned to China, once. Now I am here to visit Art Basel, Art Central, the high end international galleries on Hong Kong Island and see new initiatives and creative hubs in old textile factories and industrial neighborhoods like Chai Wan, Tseung Kwan and Wong Chuk Hang.

Hong Kong has and hasn’t changed. It still is a city of trade and faith. A City of Good Fortune, where money matters, where hands and banks work day and night. Where East meets West and the latest trends meets tradition. High rise buildings are still renovated and built using bamboo constructions. And artists still embrace old techniques and crafts, like paper making and lacquer, and find now new modern ways to work with them.

Work of artists in photo essay: Yang Jiechang, David Noonan, Samson Young, Stella Zhang Shuang, Cheung Yee, Nancy Sheung, XiaoBai Su, Yoshitomo Nara, Lee Ufan, Do Ho Suh, Rudolf Singel. 

March 2015 | Hong Kong