Photo essays

From nowhere to now here.

Taking pictures is an intuitive thing for me. It just happens. And if it happens I loose track of time. I go to places I would not go to otherwise. I cross borders and do things I would not dare to do without the camera. I travel a lot and lived and worked in Amsterdam, Paris, Sydney, Hong Kong, Brussels, Shanghai, New York and Tokyo. Great cities and very inspiring places, but I find true peace and beauty when I connect with nature. In nowhere places.

I love to take pictures of the daily, the usual, without any manipulation from my part. Just to capture the things as they are. Life is beautiful by itself. As it is.

The thing in the nothing. The old, the broken, the used, the once loved now left. Imperfections make things perfect.

Life is a creative process and we are all co-creators of the cosmos. There is no beauty without decay. Catching the timeless in the time passing.

While design asked me to work with my head, when I take pictures I work in the flow of now. Without a plan life reveals itself to me.

My photo essays are like love letters. Each separate picture becomes more by connecting it with another. Pictures from different places with different objects weave together a new story, deepening and inspiring a new view on here and now.

Haitian Hands

Making baskets, hearts, bowls and from recycled cement paper, vetiver and sisal Inspired by voodoo symbols   A project supported by Keith Recker of the HAND/EYE December 2011, Haiti For more info contact Pascale or Satyr at  

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Dignified Ageing

Santral Istanbul Museum of Energy Former power station October 2011  

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Herbal Heritage

Morocco November 2010

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Pin Poetry

Sikkim April 2007

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