Photo essays

From nowhere to now here.

Taking pictures is an intuitive thing for me. It just happens. And if it happens I loose track of time. I go to places I would not go to otherwise. I cross borders and do things I would not dare to do without the camera. I travel a lot and lived and worked in Amsterdam, Paris, Sydney, Hong Kong, Brussels, Shanghai, New York and Tokyo. Great cities and very inspiring places, but I find true peace and beauty when I connect with nature. In nowhere places.

I love to take pictures of the daily, the usual, without any manipulation from my part. Just to capture the things as they are. Life is beautiful by itself. As it is.

The thing in the nothing. The old, the broken, the used, the once loved now left. Imperfections make things perfect.

Life is a creative process and we are all co-creators of the cosmos. There is no beauty without decay. Catching the timeless in the time passing.

While design asked me to work with my head, when I take pictures I work in the flow of now. Without a plan life reveals itself to me.

My photo essays are like love letters. Each separate picture becomes more by connecting it with another. Pictures from different places with different objects weave together a new story, deepening and inspiring a new view on here and now.

Home in Hombroich

Museum Insel Hombroich, together with the Raketenstation Hombroich, a former missile base, is one of my favorite places in Europe. A place where art meets nature. Art and cultural objects from two millennia are exhibited in ten ‘walk-in sculptures’, and buildings designed by international architects, together creating an extraordinary indoor/outdoor environment.   April 2014, Neuss […]

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Amidst Emirati

The United Arab Emirates have been for years my stopover hub, flying from west to east and back. Little did I know about it’s seven emirates; Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al-Qaiwain, Ras al-Khaimah and Fujairah. During SIKKA Art Fair, Art Dubai and Dubai Design week I enjoyed the UAE fully and learned how […]

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Into the PRESENT

The making of the PRESENT installation. The installation is on view and hosted at Riad El Fenn during the Marrakech Biennale 2014. Artist meets Artisan + Tradition meets Design + Past meets Future Unveiling the conscious cosmos, humanity is on the edge of a rebirth. A tribute to all women and the rights of women […]

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Full of Emptiness

Axel Vervoordt, with his wife May, their two sons Boris and Dick, combine traditional crafts with art. ‘Keeping the very best and eliminating all but the essentials. Developing an art of living which transforms the ordinary object into an objet d’art and the everyday gesture into perfection – the fullness of emptiness.’ Axel Vervoordt is […]

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Within walls

Read more about Morocco in the articles I made for Hand/Eye Magazine thanks to ByHand Consulting: Chez Monsieur Michelin The future of craft Design beyond borders Diamonds are a girls best friend     June 2013, Morocco

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Together with Marianne Tuerlings from Shirdak I travelled for Happinez to Kyrgyzstan Meeting with traditional felt artisans like Jyldyz Asanakunova and her family in Bokonbaeve May 2013  

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Truly Trulli

The village of Alberobello in Puglia An UNESCO World Heritage   April 2013, Italy    

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Trust, Unity, Freedom + Love in Venice

Crossing borders in time and space We are ONE, linked up with all there is, was and will be Unique + United   Always a pleasure to wander in wonder at the Biennale in Venice. A photo essay with some of my favorite 2013 art pieces, mixed up with street shots.     September 2013, […]

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Dutch Wax

Vlisco fabrics coming alive in Africa My pictures are illustrating the article ‘More than Africa’ by Keith Recker at PantoneView

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Present in bronze

The making of the bronze egg Present in the inspiring and poetic studio of artist Winneth Sala August 2012  

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Ruthless perfection

Architect Peter Zumthor creates spaces of sensual silence, surrounding you, like a second skin, a bare experience of just being… A perfect nothingness, beyond form, yet given form through a skilled use of materials, with great respect for matter and an eye for detail.     The Kolumba Art museum in Cologne and the nearby […]

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During the Bread & Butter fashion fair I found eternal beauty in Berlin Every ending has a new beginning The birthplace of something new is in the void Energy never disappears it transforms   Joseph Beuys, Anselm Kiefer, Anthony McCall, Daniel Libeskind, Menashe Kadishman, Qiu Shihua, Carl Andre, Jewish Museum, Hamburger Bahnhof, Holocaust Monument, Michelberger […]

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Shaping Stones

Silence Sun. Sand. Sea. Salt. Storms Silence Smell. Sound. Sight. Sipping Silence   May 2012, Spain For more info contact Yvon      

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Ancient Energy

Meeting with our ancestors at Bushmans Kloof A real place of power, rock art, ley lines, roots of old trees and wellness retreat Mother Nature’s true empowerment   February 2012, South Africa

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Oman omen

A play of light, beyond duality, a place of pure wellbeing A few days of paradise in the Chedi hotel and Wahiba desert   January 2012, Oman    

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