Photo essays

From nowhere to now here.

Taking pictures is an intuitive thing for me. It just happens. And if it happens I loose track of time. I go to places I would not go to otherwise. I cross borders and do things I would not dare to do without the camera. I travel a lot and lived and worked in Amsterdam, Paris, Sydney, Hong Kong, Brussels, Shanghai, New York and Tokyo. Great cities and very inspiring places, but I find true peace and beauty when I connect with nature. In nowhere places.

I love to take pictures of the daily, the usual, without any manipulation from my part. Just to capture the things as they are. Life is beautiful by itself. As it is.

The thing in the nothing. The old, the broken, the used, the once loved now left. Imperfections make things perfect.

Life is a creative process and we are all co-creators of the cosmos. There is no beauty without decay. Catching the timeless in the time passing.

While design asked me to work with my head, when I take pictures I work in the flow of now. Without a plan life reveals itself to me.

My photo essays are like love letters. Each separate picture becomes more by connecting it with another. Pictures from different places with different objects weave together a new story, deepening and inspiring a new view on here and now.

Tea Time

The Art of Tea has a cherished and long tradition in the Eastern Culture. It is grown, prepared and consumed with respect to nature, body and spirit. I had been and worked in Taiwan many years before, but I never had time for tea, until this trip in 2015. Now I would love to return and take time for […]

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Well Aged

Everybody wants to grows old, but nobody wants to be old. This photo essay embraces the beauty of ageing. Time leaves its traces on everything and everyone. That’s what we call life.   This photo essay including trend post was published at PantoneView in 2014 See and read also more on my blog Well Ageing and my Embracing Ageing […]

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Pink Prayers

While there are plenty of monasteries in Myanmar, there are only a few nunneries. I was able to visit one of the nunneries; the Daw Nyanasari nunnery in Sanchaung township in Yangon, where 250 women from 8-86 are living. Eaindawaddy (42) takes me by the hand and shows me around. Our communication is with gestures, smiles, […]

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Vietnam Blues

Opposite the Temple of Literature in Hanoi you’ll find the Indigo Store. In a half-day tye dye workshop with the charming Hjo I managed to make this fine tye dye dots indigo piece. The aim of the Indigo store is to preserve and restore the traditional culture of the Black Tay ethnic minority in Sapa. […]

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Vitamin(e) B.

(He)Art Installation for the Meditation Exhibition Museum of Religious Art | MRK Uden Inspired by the Bridgettines nuns in Uden and their founder Saint Birgitta (1303 – 1373) hundreds of hearts were crafted (through knitting, crocheting and embroidery) by old and young . The hearts were filled with recycled religious textiles. A special limited edition Vitamin(e) B. booklet is available at the MRK […]

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Natura Mater

Herman de Vries (I prefer to write his name with capitals instead of the lowercase he choose to write his name himself) represents the Netherlands in the Rietveld Pavillion at the 56th Biennale in Venice. He is one of the most essential and poetic artists I know. Herman de Vries Is. He makes me, although […]

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The 2015 Venice Biennale hints more towards a title ‘End of the World’ instead of ‘All the World’s Futures’. Amidst all turmoil, chaos and deconstruction I reconstruct and find serenity, a peacefull nothingness and empty spaces, that are far from empty. The 56th International Art Exhibition in Venice reflects a state of the world in […]

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Holy Bloom

A long, long time ago there was a Saint Birgitta (1303-1373). Her order has survived more than 700 years and today there are still 55 Birgitta convents worldwide. Since I heard about her, some years ago, I had to know more about this woman that was also called Birgitta. There are two Birgitta convents in […]

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Raining Sand

Although Dubai is full of colour, with more than 200 nationalities, commited to promote intercultural understanding and exchange, it is the sand, the sea and the rich Arabic identity that stick with me this time. Dubait invites us to review space, beyond and in its iconic skyscrapers and towers. In between old and new, past […]

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Good Fortune

After years of working and living in Hong Kong I have only visited the city after 1997, the year it was handed over and returned to China, once. Now I am here to visit Art Basel, Art Central, the high end international galleries on Hong Kong Island and see new initiatives and creative hubs in old textile […]

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More than Zero

My art road trip from Chicago to New York starts with a perfect day: Bowie for breakfast, a lunch break with Kapoor and Dylan for dinner. Can’t think of a better start for this extraordinary Chicago|New York art week, with a stopover in Pittsburgh, visiting the Andy Warhol Museum and seeing the Duane Michal’s exhibition at […]

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Beacon Beauty

It is the absence rather than the presence of form, extending boundaries, creating awe… Dia Art foundation, founded in 1974, is committed to initiating, supporting, presenting, and preserving extraordinary art projects. In May 2003, Dia:Beacon opened, on the banks of the Hudson River in a former box-printing factory. A 240,000 square feet space exhibits single-artists large-scale minimal […]

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“The foundation of greatness is honoring the small things of the present moment, instead of pursuing the idea of greatness.” Eckart Tolle   Inspired by all the art I saw last month in galleries and museums I curated my own online exhibition. Combining old-time favorite with not so famous and some young upcoming artists. It’s […]

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Holy Faith

Wherever you go in Santa Fe the spirits of the Native Americans travel with you and appear in all that is manifest. Holy Faith in the land of enchantment. Native American Hopi Kachina dolls, Navajo textiles and adobe shamans… Old native American portraits (Museum of Indian Arts and Culture) are here combined with my pictures. […]

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Vanity free

True treasures are vanity free, modest and humble, found where most people forget to look. A photo essay combining art exposed at some of my favorite Venetian places like Palazzo Fortuny, Grassi and Franchetti with my street shots.   June 2014, Venice   Shirin Neshat, Sturtevant, Anne-Karin Furunes, Danh Vo, Dora Maar, Latifa Echakhch, Richard […]

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