You never get a dream without the ability to make it come true.


We are living in a world of visual and virtual abundance. Paper books and magazines are replaced, viewed and read digitally. The more information I get digital, the more I appreciate the slow turning of pages and spending hours of dreaming in paper books. 

My passion for books, photography and writing has taking a long time to take shape. The deadlines, the traveling, the creation of more and more collections held me in its grip for quite some time.

My first book came into being, together with Anneliek Holland, and my Design Academy Master students as a result of a great project we did in India with crafts people in Kutch.

Since my first book got published I haven’t stopped making photo essays and books.

Most of my books are limited editions and one-of-a-kinds.

My ‘writing with pen and light’ photo essays are also published in local and global Magazines like Happinez and Hand/EyePantoneView and VIEW.


The art of well-being | Summer 2009 15.4 x 11.2 cm 92 pgs Published by Terra Lannoo Dutch  

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The art of well-being | Autumn 2009 15.4 x 11.2 cm 92 pgs Published by Terra Lannoo Dutch  

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The art of well-being | Winter 2009 15.4 x 11.2 cm 92 pgs Published by Terra Lannoo Dutch  

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Strijdom van der Merwe

Happinez 5 | 2011 Concept, photography and words

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Beach Treasures

Happinez 5 | 2011 ‘Strandschatten’ Concept and photography

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Dutch Dots

Hand Eye Magzine Concept, photography and words Summer 2011

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Benin Blues

Hand Eye Magazine Summer 2009 Read the article at See more on Benin here

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Mali | Happinez

Zo goed als nieuw Concept, photography and words Mali Happinez 3|2008

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Hong Kong

Fortune Telling Hong Kong Concept and photography Happinez 3 | 2008

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Soul Symbols

Soul Symbols Happinez 4 | 2004 Concept, photography, words

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Shopping beyond sustainability Concept, words and photography Textile View Magazine Issue 82 Summer 2008

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participation exhibition 10 years wonderwood booklet special edition by wonderwood 2009

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Stiletto Magazine 1983 Australia

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Cover Magazine Winter 1980 Photography Fashion Shows Paris

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