You never get a dream without the ability to make it come true.


We are living in a world of visual and virtual abundance. Paper books and magazines are replaced, viewed and read digitally. The more information I get digital, the more I appreciate the slow turning of pages and spending hours of dreaming in paper books. 

My passion for books, photography and writing has taking a long time to take shape. The deadlines, the traveling, the creation of more and more collections held me in its grip for quite some time.

My first book came into being, together with Anneliek Holland, and my Design Academy Master students as a result of a great project we did in India with crafts people in Kutch.

Since my first book got published I haven’t stopped making photo essays and books.

Most of my books are limited editions and one-of-a-kinds.

My ‘writing with pen and light’ photo essays are also published in local and global Magazines like Happinez and Hand/EyePantoneView and VIEW.

Omnipresent | Beyond Borders

OMNIPRESENT| BEYOND BORDERS is in love with the treasures of the earth: sand, soil, salt and stones. An intriguing dialog between images captured from a drone and close-up shots. A limited full bleed independent publication. 416 full color pages ISBN 978-90-810059-4-4   You can order a book online here.

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Dressing the Soul | Ageless Beauty

DRESSING THE SOUL | AGELESS BEAUTY is a publication about my love for the just being of things. The humble, silent and simple become pieces of art with nature as the artist. The wabi sabi state of things inspires me to create my own art pieces. Each book comes with a unique and personal key […]

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Rose rhythm

Happinez 5 | 2017 The Unplugged Happinez Issue with pictures I made at a nunnery in Myanmar See also Pink Prayers July 2017

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Out of Fashion | The New Fashion

OUT OF FASHION | THE NEW FASHION is a picture poetry book embracing time as a treasure. Away from the fast lane of fashion it takes us on an inspirational world tour meeting forgotten textile makers and methods. Silent branding, mending, contemplative clothing and unplugged crafting reminding us again who we really are : creative […]

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Happinez 7 | 2015 The Imperfection Issue with pictures I made during my travels in Uzbekistan, Taiwan, India, China and Morocco resulting in a Calligraphy photo essay (with words by Eveline Helmink) and Wabi Sabi article (written by Anne Wesseling) Special thanks to Taiwanese Master Calligrapher Chen Hung-Mien carving and writing the word happiness in […]

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Made in Taiwan

Happinez 5 | 2015 Photography of Taiwanese Lantern making Artisans at work for Taiwan Lantern July 2015

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Golden Hands Marrakech

Happinez 6 | 2014 ‘De gouden handen van Marrakech’ Concept, photography and words Moroccan Craftsmanship Artisans at work in the souks in Marrakesh   September 2014 More on Morocco  Special thanks to Anke and Marie-Thérèse from Householdhardware and all the golden hands in Marrakesh  

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Cherry blossoms, pilgrimage, indigo, zen and serenity. Japan 2012 28 x 21.5 cm 496 pgs   See also the Happinez publication here and the special edition of silk scarfs inspired by the japanese cherry blossoms here    

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Felt Stories

Happinez 8 | 2013 ‘Verhalen van Vilt’ Concept, photography and words Working with felt artisans in Kyrgyzstan May 2013 More on Kyrgyzstan click here More info on felt products see Special thanks to Jyldyz Asanakunova and her family in Bokonbaeve

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Nothing but white

Happinez 4 | 2013 ‘Niets dan wit’ Concept, photography and words Being Blank Photo diary 2012   Click here to see the whole diary

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Pink glasses

Happinez 2 | 2013 ‘Roze bril’ Concept and photography Sakura festival in Japan 2012   Subtleness: the beauty of bloom I selected a few pictures which are printed in a limited edition on silk   Click here to see more    

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Happinez 6 | 2012 ‘Verstild’ Photography See  more about my trip to Uzbekistan

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Wise lessons

Happinez 1 | 2012 ‘Wijze lessen’ Traveling with Inuit shaman Angaangaq in Greenland Concept, photography and words

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Old, new, borrowed, blue

Hand Eye Magazine Photography and words Fall 2011

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With Love

Happinez 8 | 2011 Concept and photography

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